Office of the Sergeant at Arms
Office of Police Services
Room H-124 U.S. Capitol
Phone: 225-2456
Fax: 225-3233

The Office of Police Services is responsible for coordinating day-to-day security of the Capitol and House Office Buildings with the United States Capitol Police (USCP), particularly events that involve demonstrations. Additionally, the office of Police Services ensures that all crimes committed in House Offices or on the Capitol grounds are duly investigated. The office oversees the investigations of threats against Members of Congress and House staff, and reviews and assesses the need for protective details for the House Members and Leadership, as well as for foreign leaders and other VIP visitors to the House of Representatives. Listed below are requests normally handled by Police Services.

Crowd Control/Request for an Officer

Committees must write a letter to the Sergeant at Arms requesting an officer to assist with crowd control. The request should include the time, date, room number, subject matter, staff contact and phone number.

Security Sweeps

To request a sweep, the Members Office or Committee must write a letter to the Sergeant at Arms. Included in this letter should be the time, date, place, subject matter, staff contact, and phone number.

Building Access before/after business hours

If a hearing or appointment is scheduled before or after regular business hours, contact the Sergeant at Arms Office at x5-2456 so they may alert the U.S. Capitol Police and appropriate action may be taken.

Security Clearances

The two most common types of clearances that are issued to Congressional staff are Top Secret and Secret. In order to start the process, the staffer must send a letter, signed by the Member, to the Sergeant at Arms requesting said staff member be granted a clearance. The Member is responsible for initiating the staffer's security clearance.

There are also Q and Code Word clearances. In order to obtain these clearances, one must first have a Top Secret Clearance.

Cost for Security Clearances

There is no charge to the Member's Office for obtaining security clearances. The cost is absorbed by the Department of Defense in funds appropriated by the House and Senate.

Demonstration Permits

Any activity on the grounds of the complex, such as protests over issues, bands from a Congressional District wishing to play on the steps, etc., must have a permit. Permits are issued by the Special Events Section, United States Capitol Police at x4-8891.

The United States Capitol Police assist Member's offices with security related concerns, including threats, suspicious packages, security surveys of personal residences, and background checks on potential employees.

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