Office of the Sergeant at Arms


The Sergeant at Arms is an officer of the House elected during the first day of each Congressional Session. Wilson Livingood, a thirty-one year veteran of the United States Secret Service, was elected as the 36th Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives on January 4, 1994 for the 104th Congress.

Our Vision Statement

Built on a tradition of professionalism and meeting the ever changing challenges of the future, the Sergeant at Arms' Office of the United States House of Representatives moves as one to ensure the safety and security of all Members of Congress, their staff, and visiting world leaders.

Our Mission Statement

The Sergeant at Arms Office supports the security activities and constituent services of the U.S. House of Representatives by:

Responsibilities of the Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms has been tasked to review and implement all security issues related to the Congressional Leadership, all Members of Congress, and the physical security of the Capitol and House Office Buildings. As Sergeant at Arms, I oversee security on the House Floor and Gallery, the Visitors Desk, Garage and Parking Security, and administrate the distribution of all staff and Members' identification badges.

The House Sergeant at Arms serves, along with the Senate Sergeant at Arms and the Architect of the Capitol, on the Capitol Police Board and the Capitol Guide Board. The Capitol Police Board acts as a liaison and policy board with the Capitol Police Department, ensuring the security of Members, the Capitol grounds, and office buildings. The Capitol Guide Board oversees the Capitol Guide Service which offers free Capitol tours to any interested visitors. Additionally, the House Sergeant at Arms serves as a member on the Capitol Page Board, the board of the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms is composed of six distinct divisions. The divisions are broken down as follows: Administration, Special Events/Protocol, Police Services, Identification Services, Chamber Security, and House Garages and Parking Security.

To view the duties of the Sergeant at Arms as mandated by Rule IV of Jefferson's Manual, Rules and Practice of the House of Representatives, Click Here

Departments within the Office of the Sergeant at Arms

Administration Located in Room H-124 of the Capitol (phone: 225-2456)

Responsibilities of the Immediate Office of the Sergeant at Arms.

Special Events/Protocol Located in Room H-124 of the Capitol (phone: 225-2456)

Information regarding the planning of special events involving Members of Congress and foreign dignitaries.

Police Services Located in Room H-124 of the Capitol (phone: 225-2456)

Information relating to the Capitol Police and security in general on Capitol Hill.

Identification Services Located in Room 321 of the Cannon HOB (phone: 225-3820)

Information regarding House identification badges for Members and their staff.

Chamber Security Located in Room HB-6 of the Capitol (phone: 225-0067)

Information regarding access to the House Floor and Galleries for Members and staff.

Garages and Parking Security Located in Room G2-28 of the Rayburn HOB (phone: 225-6749)

Information regarding Member and staff parking requests in the House of Representatives.

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