Office of the Sergeant at Arms
Office of Garages and Parking Security
Room G2-28 Rayburn HOB
Phone: 225-6749
Fax: 226-1950

The Office of House Garages and Parking Security is responsible for the safety and security of vehicles and pedestrians in all House garage and parking areas. Garage and Parking Security personnel enforce the policy, rules, and operating regulations established by the Committee on House Oversight. The office administers the issuance of parking permits at the beginning of each Congress, enforcing the parking allocations set by the Committee for each office, and approves and issues all temporary parking requests for House employees and guests. The office maintains a computerized database of individuals and vehicles authorized for parking, with supplementary files for each office authorized for parking.

Other duties of the Office of Garages and Parking Security include:

Parking Security also handles parking arrangements for reserved, handicapped, and carpool parking, as well as group/event parking for morning and evening functions on the House side of the Capitol complex.


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