Office of the Sergeant at Arms
Administrative/Immediate Office Responsibilities
Room H-124 U.S. Capitol
Phone: 225-2456
Fax: 225-3233

The Immediate Office of the Sergeant at Arms administers and oversees all departments under the jurisdiction of the Sergeant at Arms. Listed below are a number of miscellaneous items that may be of concern to Members and their staff.

Moving Equipment In/Out of House Office Buildings

Often Members want outside agencies or companies to bring equipment such as televisions, VCRs, etc. into the Capitol or House Office Buildings for a meeting. The Member's office should write a letter to the Sergeant at Arms giving the name of the company or agency, type of equipment, serial number, and time and place of delivery.

Member and Spouse Pins

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms distributes Member and Spouse pins on the first day of each Congress, prior to the swearing-in ceremony. These pins assist staff and security personnel in the recognition of Members.

Lost/Stolen Pins

A Member (or his office) should notify the Sergeant at Arms office by phone or in person, that a new Member or spouse pin is required and should mail or fax a letter requesting a replacement pin. The letter should indicate the reason (i.e. lost or stolen) for the request. Duplicate pins cannot be issued for convenience alone. Members and spouses may only have one pin each at any given time. When the replacement is issued, the staff or Member should sign the replacement request letter for receipt of the pin.

Member Tags (Plates)

Purpose of Congressional Plate

Member tags are issued for assistance in Member recognition only. They have no official purpose beyond recognition of a Member in his car on the Capitol grounds. The tags are numbered and are assigned in order of seniority (precedence), with Members in the Leadership assigned the lowest numbered tags. Members sworn in on the same date are assigned a tag number based on an alphabetical listing of those Members. The number has no other significance than to identify the Member. Members are issued only one tag at the beginning of the Congress. Upon written request, Members may receive one additional tag. No additional tags may be issued beyond these two without a written request for a replacement tag due to loss or theft of the original.

It should be noted that the District of Columbia extends certain courtesies concerning the interpretation of parking regulations. All inquiries regarding these D.C. government policies should be directed to the D.C. Mayors office of Intergovernmental Affairs at (202) 727-6265. The Sergeant at Arms office staff cannot interpret D.C. policies.

Lost Stolen Tags

If a tag is lost or stolen, the Member of staff member must contact the Office of the Sergeant at Arms to request a replacement. Upon this notification, a police report will be taken of the lost/stolen tag, and the second tag, if one was issued, must be returned. A new tag(s), with a new number, will then be issued to the Member. The staff or Member must also sign for receipt of the tag.


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