Office of the Sergeant at Arms

The First Day of the 105th Congress


Members elected to the 105th Congress will be sworn-in on Tuesday, January 7, 1997 at 12:00 noon on the House Floor. The entire ceremony is expected to last approximately 2 to 2 hours, with legislative business possible following the ceremony. The ceremony will include the election and swearing-in of the Speaker, the swearing-in of Members of the 105th Congress, the announcement of the elections of the Majority and Minority Leaders and the Majority and Minority Whips, and the election of the Officers of the House.

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms is tasked with providing Members tickets to the House Galleries for their family and friends, and Children's Passes for the House Floor. MEMBERS-ELECT DO NOT NEED A TICKET TO ACCESS THE HOUSE FLOOR. The Sergeant at Arms also distributes Member pins and license plate tags to all Members on this day.

Tickets to the Galleries

The Visitor Galleries will be open during the swearing-in ceremony. TICKETS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ADMITTANCE TO THE GALLERIES. Members-elect who served during the 104th Congress will receive one (1) ticket for the Gallery to be used by their guest. Other Members-elect will receive four (4) tickets for the Galleries for their guests.

The Galleries will open to ticket holders at 11:30 a.m. Ticket holders with lavender colored tickets will be directed to permanent seats in the gallery, while ticket holders with red colored tickets will be directed to step seats or standing room areas of the gallery.

Children's Passes for the House Floor

Children aged 12 and under may accompany Members-elect onto the House Floor during the swearing-in. However, because of limited seating on the House Floor, it is requested that the children either sit in the same seat as the Member or stand nearby, so that all Members may be seated when necessary. SPOUSES AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE FLOOR DURING THE CEREMONY.

To request Children's Passes, complete the form delivered to your office during the week of November 12 (returning Members) or delivered to your office in the district (new Members). Alternatively, you may view the memorandum and access the form here.

Members or designated staff may pick up gallery tickets for the Swearing-in Ceremony and Children's Floor Passes after December 16, 1996.

If further information is needed regarding seating in the gallery and the receipt of tickets may be obtained through the Office of Chamber Security at extension 5-0067 or fax the office at extension 5-0890.


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