Miscellaneous Requests

How do we order printing that is necessary in the operation of these offices?

You must supply us with a letter requesting your printing needs. Also, you should list the quality, ink color, size, and paper stock. If you are reordering from a previously printed document, you must supply us with a sample and include any changes that you wish to make.

Will we receive a proof and how long will it be before we receive our order?

If your request is for a new item or if changes are to be made to a previously printed document, we will supply you with a proof for your approval. After you return the proof to this office, we will process it for delivery. Generally, it takes 2 working days to receive a proof and it takes 5 working days to receive your printed material.

Printing requests that must be sent out to a private contractor, such as NCR forms, will take up to 4 weeks.

Our experienced printing clerks will be available to answer any question which you may have concerning your printing needs and to track your orders when necessary.

What items are available to us?

Letterhead, envelopes, memo pads, miscellaneous forms, instructional booklets, and other related items. Also, in addition to these items, committees may order roll call sheets, committee rosters, and binding of committee publications, such as hearings, committee prints, calendars, and reports. All printing requests must be for official use.

Special printing requests must be approved by the House Oversight Committee.

Can the facsimile (signature) of other than the Chair-person be used on envelopes?

Only if authorized in writing by the Chair-person.