Office Supply Service and House Gift Shop
Frequently Asked Questions


Are House I.D.’s required to enter the Office Supply Service?

Yes, staff must show their House I.D.’s when entering OSS. It is closed to the public.

Are House I.D.’s required to enter the Gift Shop?

The House Gift Shop is open to the public. Therefore, we do not require House I.D.’s.


I lost my account card. What do I do?

Mail, hand deliver or fax a letter to OSS requesting a duplicate card or to close the account and issue two new cards. If the letter is hand delivered or faxed to OSS, the process takes one to two hours.


Does your office carry boxes and bubble wrap?

Yes. Please call us at x53321 for prices and sizes.


Do you have catalogs listing what you stock?

Catalogs are available for the Office Supply Service and the Gift Shop.


Can we have merchandise delivered and how long will it take?

Delivery Request Forms are available at the store. Forms can be mailed, faxed or filled out at the store. Delivery requests normally take one to two days. If an emergency occurs, please call us at x53321, we can make some deliveries in the same day.

Can we order merchandise over the phone to be delivered to the office?

We accept phone orders in Office Supply at x53321. The Gift Shop will take phone orders at x65362 for Visa or Mastercard purchases. Upon request, the Gift Shop will ship your order via UPS for a nominal fee.


How do I order supplies for the District office and how long will it take?

You must complete a Delivery Request Form and mail, hand deliver, or fax it to Office Supply. OSS will fill the order and deliver the supplies to Member’s D.C. office. This process takes a minimum of one to two days.


Do you carry toner, developer, fuser oil, copy cartridges, etc., for our offices machines?

We stock some of these items. Please call OSS at x53321 when you receive new or used equipment to see if items are stock or special order.

Do you collect used toner cartridges for recycling?

Yes. Please drop them off in Office Supply, B-217 Longworth House Office Building.


How are flags flown over the Capitol?

Please refer to the Architect of the Capitol section of this book.

Where do I get a flag certificate and how much does it cost?

Flag certificates can be purchased through OSS for $3.30.


Can I purchase something from the House Gift Shop using our Official Expenses account?

No, only items in the Office Supply Store can be purchased using the Official Expenses account.

Can I pay with cash, check or credit card?

We will accept cash or personal checks with a House I.D. from House employees in Office Supply Service. The Gift Shop accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard or personal checks from House employees.

Can I exchange or return merchandise?

Merchandise purchased on an official account may be returned for credit within ninety days with a copy of the sales ticket. All nonofficial cash sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.


How long does it take to get a special order item?

The normal delivery time is two weeks. If the order is an emergency, please call OSS at x53321. We can fill rush orders within forty-eight hours.

Can I do a special order over the phone?

No, but we do accept special orders by fax, x56595.