Ordering Supplies

An office needs certain basic supplies to operate minimally. The Office Supply Service can provide these supplies for you and deliver them to your office if your duties won't allow you to visit us personally.

(Download the Delivery Request Form)

By filling out the delivery request form and having it sent to OSS, you can have any of the supplies we carry delivered to your office or storage cage. First, locate the supplies you need, then in the "Item #" column, write in the item number for that item. Item numbers can be found in the Supply catalog or on the following short list. Finally, in the quantity column, indicate how much you want. When you are done filling out the form, print it out and fax it to x59628. Our order clerks, Troy Buckler or Frank Kirkland, will receive the order and process it in the order received. You should have your order delivered in 2 - 3 days.



Do you want to order U.S. flag instead?

Listed on the order form are a few items which your office might need to get on it's feet and running. Here are a few more items and their item numbers which weren't included on the list.

Paper Clips D31400 $.95/box;
Manila Folders, Letter D318rc $4.20/box;
Manila Folders, Legal D319rc $5.65/box;
Open Top Folder, Letter D219rc $7.20/box;
Open Top Folder, Legal D248rc $.48/each;
Pencils#2 D24300 $1.00/box
Telephone Message Pads P02400 $2.00/pack;
Yellow Legal Pads P092rc $7.40/pack
Post-it Notes 4"x6" P050rc $6.25/pack;
Copier paper, letter P00100 $3.50/ream;
Copier paper, legal P00200 $4.45/ream;
Copier paper, recycled, letter P07000 $3.68/ream;
Staples D03900 $1.55/box;
Stapler D34000 $8.70/each;
Magic Tape D32400 $1.39/roll;
Magic Tape Dispenser D29200 $5.95/each;
Ballpoint Pen, Black Med. D36400 $.87/doz;
Surge Protector E39001 $16.95/each;

A complete list of all the items we carry can also be found on this site be referencing the catalog section or by clicking here.