When preparing your office for a move please try to do the following to ensure an easy, quick and successful move.
  1. Mark the name of the person using a particular piece of equipment on that equipment.(For PC's please mark the Monitor, Base or CPU, and Keyboard.).
  2. Pack all small items in one or two storage boxes.
  3. To ensure all multiple items are accounted for please mark 1of 1, 1of 2, etc.
  4. Call appropriate vendors for proper computer disconnection procedures and other equipment vendors (copiers & facsimile machines) to properly prepare the equipment before the move (there may be charges associated with this).
  5. OSM will check for all items on your equipment inventory. Please indicate if any equipment is not in your office at the time of the move (ie. laptops, items in a storage room, transferred to the D.O., ect.).