Motorola Keynote GSC

The House Paging System is available to Members only. This system allows Members to be paged for Floor votes. To order a new pager please fill out an OSM Requisition Form. The current model available is the Motorola Keynote GSC Voice and Numeric Radio Pager @$272.00 and $4.50 per month maintenance charge.

Loaner pagers for voting calls are for Members only. Loaners can be acquired by contacting OSM, Vendor Administration Department, B-65 Cannon House Office Building, at x57848, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. To borrow a pager after hours, please contact your respective Cloakroom for assistance.

If you have any question or you are experiencing a problem with your pager. Please contact our OSM Vendor Management Counselor

Directions for the Motorola House Paging System

These are the In House pagers used by the Member's to get the group voting call. The Member can be paged with a voice message or a numeric display . To page a Republican Member dial *79 , and *78 for a Democratic Member into any House phone. When the paging system picks up the call the caller will hear the following voice prompt “Please enter pager number.”

At this time the caller simply enters the Member's individual three digit code.

The next prompt will be; “Please enter function digits.”

The caller enters either a (1) for a voice page, or a (7) for a numeric page.

If the caller enters a (1) for a voice page, the system will then prompt the caller with the following message; “Please enter the voice message now (beep sounds).”

The caller can then leave a voice message up to ten seconds long and hit the pound sign.

If the caller enters a (7), for a numeric page, the system will then prompt the caller with the following message; “Please enter display digits.”

The caller can enter the number to be displayed on the recipient's pager, such as a telephone number and then hit the pound sign.

The system will then advise the caller that the page has been transmitted with the following message; “Page accepted.” The caller may then hang up the phone.

* Keynote pagers use AA Motorola rechargeable batteries . Optrx pagers use 1.3 volt rechargeable batteries . Both are available at Office Supply B217 Longworth.

* If you have any questions or you are experiencing a problem with your pager, please contact our OSM VENDOR MANAGEMENT COUNSELOR at 225-7848