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What kind of computer cables do you make and how can I order them?

We make flat wire and RS232 cables; orders are accepted by calling x64168.


Do you handle cellular telephones?

No. Please call the Office of Telecommunications at x64101 to order them.


To whom do I address correspondence when requesting your services?

Please address correspondence to Helene M. Flanagan, Director, OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building.

Does all correspondence requesting equipment or service need to be signed by a Member or Committee Chair?


Where can I obtain Requisition, Removal, Transfer forms for OSM?

Download Equipment Requisition Form

Download Removal Form

or at OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building.

What information do I need to list when filling out an OSM Requisition Form?

Quantity of items; the vendor from whom the purchase is being made; order code for the particular item; description of the equipment; plan type (3-Year, One-Time or Lease); price of the item, location for delivery, contact name and phone #, and Members signature.

What information do I need to list when filling out an OSM Removal Form?

OSM control number (silver stickers on the equipment); serial number; description of the equipment; location of a pick up, a requested removal date, contact name and phone #, and Members signature. .

What information do I need to list when filling out an OSM Transfer Form?

Present location of the equipment; a requested transfer date; OSM control number (silver sticker on the equipment); serial number; description of the equipment, the full address of the location of where the equipment is to be shipped, contact name and phone #, and Members signature. .


How do I move equipment between District offices?

Complete OSM Transfer Form or write a letter to OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building, requesting the transfer, and OSM will contact GSA for you.

How do I get furniture in a District office?

Complete OSM Requisition Form or write a letter to OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building, requesting GSA excess or local procurement.

Can I transfer items from the District to Washington, D.C.?

Yes. You must find a local shipper in your area and complete an OSM Transfer Form or write a letter to OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building.
Please professionally pack and insure the package for shipment.

Do you ship photocopiers to a District office?

No. You must contact the vendor to see if they will ship it. If they will ship it, use a transfer form to advise OSM.


Is it possible to get a list of all the equipment checked out to our office?

Yes. Equipment Inventory Tear Sheets can be picked up in OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building.

How do I read the Inventory Tear Sheets and Reconciliation Reports?

Please call OSM’s Acquisition Management Department at x53994 for assistance.


What is an installation ticket?

The installation ticket, commonly referred to as the "yellow ticket", is verification from the vendor to OSM that the receiving office is fully satisfied with their equipment purchase. The receiving office signs the ticket and the vendor is responsible for returning it to OSM.

What do I do if I don’t sign the yellow installation ticket and I want to return the equipment?

A letter to cancel the equipment, signed by the Member, Chair or Officers of the House must be sent to OSM. If after 60 days from the date of delivery (as indicated on the vendor’s delivery ticket), an office wants to return or cancel the order and has not signed an installation ticket, the office will be liable, from the date of delivery, for 4.2% of the purchase cost of the equipment per month, to be paid to the vendor as a rental fee.

When is installation charged to my appropriate applicable office funds allowance?

They charge your appropriate applicable office funds at the time the P.O. is prepared.


Is our equipment covered for maintenance?

The Committee on House Oversight adopted new Procurement Guidelines that allows an office to maintain their equipment under an existing maintenance plan, a new maintenance plan or on a time and materials basis. For more information, please contact your OSM Counselor.

Who handles service/maintenance/billing for particular equipment?

Please call OSM, Vendor Administration Department at x57848 for information regarding billing.


How do I get a microwave oven?

Microwave ovens may be purchased through your appropriate applicable office funds by submitting a Requisition Form to OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building.


What is the deadline for using the end of the year funds?

January 2 at 5:00 p.m. (Members); January 3 at noon (Committees).

When ordering, what is the difference between one-time and three-year purchases?

One-time purchase equipment is paid in full and carries a one-year commitment. Three-year purchase equipment is paid over thirty-six months and carries a three-year commitment.


Do you lend overhead projectors?

No. Please refer to the Library of Congress section in this book.


My Member left his pager at home. Can I borrow one for a day?

Loaner pagers for voting calls are for Members only. Loaners can be acquired by contacting OSM, Vendor Administration Department, B-65 Cannon House Office Building, at x57848, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To borrow a pager after hours, please contact your respective Cloakroom for assistance.

Where can I get help with problems with my pager?

Please call OSM, Vendor Administration Department, at x57848, if you are expencing a problem with your pager or click here and go to the on-line help sheet.


How can I remove personal equipment from the building?

A property pass MUST be obtained from OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building. Please be prepared to provide the following information: type of equipment; serial number; office room number; and reason for removal. For the removal of personal property, please see the Office Furnishings Web site.


Do you supply refrigerators for D.C. offices?

No, please call Office Furnishings at x62421 who will help you with this request.


Are Congressional Offices exempt from paying state and local sales and excise taxes?

You are exempt from most state and local sales and excise taxes, but there are exceptions. The General Counsel of the House at x59700 can provide advice on specific taxes.


When do I get credit for trade-ins or rebates?

Credit for trade-ins or rebates occurs when your account is charged.


How many TV's/VCR's can we have?

There are no restrictions on the number of TV's/VCR's per office.

Can I borrow a TV/VCR for a day?

Please call OSM at x56628 to make reservations to borrow a TV/VCR. Due to limited quantities of TV's/VCR's, we request that you call us 24 hours in advance. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Who fixes TV's and VCR's?

Under the guidelines of the former Approved List process, most offices have a pre-existing maintenance contract with Commercial Televisions. Unless your office has chosen a different service arrangement, you may call Commercial Television (703) 643-2277.

What is the number for cable TV?

Please call the Office of the Architect, Electronic Engineering Department, x49827.

What do I do if my TV/VCR will not work?

Please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide for TV's/VCR's at the end of this section.


What is the number for Typewriter Repair?

The number for Typewriter Repair is x55293.


How do I get used equipment for my office?

Write a letter to OSM, B-215 Longworth House Office Building, detailing the equipment wanted and we will check for availability.


What is the turnaround time for vendors after OSM has placed an order?

Thirty days.

Do you recommend vendors?

No. We cannot show partiality.

Do you connect or disconnect computer equipment?

No. You need to call HIR at x56002 or your computer vendor.


1) TV/VCR will not turn on:
A) Check to make sure unit is plugged in.
B) Check Power Source, i.e., a wall socket, a powerstrip. Make sure it is “live” by plugging it into another socket.
C) Check batteries in remote. Have you had the remote for a long time without changing the batteries?
D) Remote was not aimed at the sensor; something is between remote and sensor.
E) On older models, check reset button on rear of set or see item 2.B. below.
2) Turns off while playing/Remote will not work:
A) Sleep Timer (TV) or Program Timer (VCR) may be activated. Switch Timer function to OFF position on VCR panel.
B) Electronic protection circuits may have been started due to a power surge. Unplug unit for five minutes before turning it back on.
3) Cannot select certain channel/channel selection will not advance:
A) Channel may not be in the channel memory or may have been erased because of power failure.
B) Access autoprogramming for channels through the on-screen menu (remote function) or manually (inside panel) by depressing autoprogramming button or entering each channel individually through “add” function (enter channel and depress add button).
4) No picture/No Sound:
A) Check cable connections (cable “in” to VCR/“out” to TV).
B) Vacant Channel may be tuned; try another channel.
C) If watching VCR, make sure TV is turned on channel 3 or 4 (same as channel 3/4 switch on VCR).
5) Will not play, record or has a blank or snowy picture:
A) Check cable connectors (cable “in” to VCR/“out” to TV).
B) Program timer may be activated.
C) If recording, record button must be held for at least 5 seconds.
D) Check on screen menu (later models) for autoprogramming of channels.
E) Adjust tracking.
F) Tape may be defective. Try another tape.
G) Pause button may be activated.
H) See item 4.C. above.

If further assistance is needed, please contact Office Systems Management, Inventory Control Division at x56628 or place a service call: Commercial Television (703) 643-2277.