The Move

It is necessary that a minimum or two staff persons be available on the day of the move to work with the Coordinator and answer questions that may arise. All service groups involved in your move will be contacted by your Coordinator and answer questions as they may arise. All service groups involved in your move will be contacted by the Coordinator. These offices will contact you for information relative to their specific operations in order to finalize move plans. The Superintendent's Office will also notify the U.S. Capitol Police, Western Union, and Publications and Distribution, including Postal Operations, regarding your new location on the day of your move.

  1. Furniture: The Furniture Resource Center (6-2421) has responsibility for all furniture. Only the Member's Desk and Chair will be moved to your new office. Generally, if you are moving within the same building, all free standing file cabinets can be moved intact. All other furniture must remain in the office.
  2. Electrical Equipment: All electrical equipment such as typewriters, copy machines, computers, televisions and fax machines will be moved by OSM (5-3994). Every item must be available for visual inspection and verification.
  3. Telephones: All telephones will be relocated by the Office of Telecommunications. (6-4101)
  4. Personal Belongings and Packed Boxes: The superintendent's Office will move all boxes and personal belongings. In addition, the combinations to the Member's safe will be changed by the Superintendent, as directed by the Member or their authorized representative. This authorization must be in writing and on file with the Superintendent.
  5. Keys: The Superintendent's Office will change the locks and reissue new keys to your office on the day of your move. If you are moving within the same building, it is possible to transfer the locks from your present location to your new location, thereby elimination the need for new keys. Please discuss this with your Move Coordinator. Any keys for furniture or free standing files will be furnished by the Furniture Resource Center (6-2421). Keys for the built in lateral files in the Longworth Building are also supplied by the FRC. Requests for new combinations for portable safes may be made in writing to the FRC. The letter must specify the personnel authorized to have access to the combination.
  6. Painting: Every new office is automatically scheduled for painting by the Superintendent's Office. Color samples will be supplied to you for selection or your new office colors. CAUTION IS ADVISED IN SELECTING PAINT COLORS SINCE THE FRC WILL NOT CHANGE EXISTING CARPETS, DRAPERIES OR UPHOLSTERY IN ORDER TO COORDINATE A NEW COLOR SCHEME. Painting will be scheduled in such a manner as to create minimum disruption to your office. You can preview paint colors by clicking here.
  7. Office Set Up: The Superintendent's Office will provide electricians and carpenters as necessary to provide power for computers, office equipment, lamps and copy machines and to re-hang pictures, mirrors, bulletin boards, and plaques.
  8. Carpeting and Drapes: Requests for new carpeting and/or drapes must be made in writing to the Furniture Resource Center. A representative of that office will evaluate the condition and age of the carpet or drapes to determine if replacement is warranted. Cleaning carpet is handled by the Furniture Resource Center and can be requested by calling 6-2421 and is done early in the morning hours to avoid unnecessary disruption to your office.
  9. Storerooms: The Superintendent's Office will contact you after all room moves have been completed to make storeroom assignments.These assignments are also made based on seniority. Members moving within the same building will retain their storeroom unless a written request for a change is received from the Member.