Drapery Services

The Drapery Shop expertly fabricates the window treatments used throughout the House. We can repair, clean, or replace drapes as needed to insure quality and beauty. Request by service order or x62421.






The Drapery Shop will schedule a time to collect, clean, and reinstall draperies. Window treatments are usually vacuumed before office hours. Most sheers can be cleaned in drapery shop and returned the next day. If dry cleaning is needed, they are sent to out side vendors. Approx return time is one week.

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A service technician will assess the needed repairs. If they are unable to complete them on site, a time convenient to your office will be scheduled to perform the necessary repairs.



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New/Used Draperies

New installations are approved dependent upon a site survey as to the condition of the existing window treatment. Samples can be brought to your office by a shop representative. Used draperies may be requested. Drapery personnel will visit the office to discuss needs and availability.Usually draperies can be installed before your normal office hours.   Back to top of page

Laying out drapery fabric Pinning lining together to be sewn Sewing two pieces of lining together




Drapery Style

The styles are predetermined by building. Cannon, Longworth, and Rayburn. All draperies are lined, and materials and color samples are standardized.


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Venetian Blinds

Blinds are cleaned on a routine schedule, one building at a time. You may request blind repair and if necessary they will be replaced.


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