Carpet Services

The Carpet Shop can clean, repair or arrange for a site survey for new carpet installation. Request by service order or x62421.  



Spot Removal

Spots and spills covering small areas in need of immediate attention are removed with portable water extractors.




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This type of cleaning is usually scheduled before office hours and uses the dry-clean method on high traffic areas. Restoration and emergency cleaning are conducted as necessary.



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Antistatic Spray

Eliminates annoying static electricity in areas of carpet where shocks are most frequent. This procedure is safe for all fibers that are not affected by water.


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Carpet Repair

Re-stretches, repairs, and patching of the carpet are coordinated with your staff to limit disruption of office functions. If the job involves the moving of a large amount of furniture or office equipment, the job is coordinated by the carpet supervisors.


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New Carpet

To initiate new carpet installation, request a site survey of the existing floor covering, to determine if the carpet meets the wear requirements for replacement. This service requires the Members signature.
A written response will be sent to your office.
If carpet is eligible and approved for replacement, samples will be provided.
Installations are scheduled from 5:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to insure coordination with support staff (electric, telecommunications, labor, etc.).

The following guidelines are requested to be observed prior to the scheduled installation.

Compliance with these guidelines will result in a minimum inconvenience to Members and staff. Please note that FRC will arrange to have all appropriate personnel (i.e. electricians, telephone, laborers) present for the date of carpet installation.

Any questions; please contact Furniture Resource Center, x62421.

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