Cabinet Services

The craftsmen here have a reputation for excellence and are able to repair and restore your damaged furniture. New construction is also done on a limited basis. Request by service order or x62421.




Request repairs on chairs, cabinets, desks, bookcases, etc. A service person will survey the job and make repairs in your office if at all possible. If furniture requires shop work, a loaner piece can be provided, if available, until the original is completed.

Total reglue of staff chairGluing back rail of chairPreparing chair to be gluedStaff chair being reglued

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New Construction

The Member's signature is required to order construction of any nonstandard items, such as custom-made shelves, coat racks or cabinets. Cabinet shop personnel will meet with you to discuss your requirements and take measurements.

New construction of wall mount cabinetComputer bridge construction in progress

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Picture Frames

Picture framing for display in the Washington Offices is provided at the expense of the requesting office. The fee includes moulding, a single mat, glass, and labor. Charges will be automatically debited from the MRA. Pricing is in increments based on united inches ( length + width). Member's signature is required.

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Engraving of Badges and Nameplates

Name badges for Pages and committee nameplates can be ordered by your office. Please type or print the name clearly. The finished product will be delivered to our office.

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