Office of Finance

Location: 263 Cannon House Office Building
Phone: 225-6514 Fax: 225-5969
Hours of Operation: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Accounting Department
Location: 263 Cannon House Office Building
Phone: 225-6514 Fax: 225-6914

Budget Office
Location: 263 Cannon House Office Building
Phone: 225-6514 Fax: 225-6916

Financial Counseling Office
Location: 141 Cannon House Office Building
Phone: 225-7474 Fax: 225-8031

Financial Oversight and Review
Location: 203 O’Neill House Office Building (House Annex I)
Phone: 226-4691 or 2347 Fax: 226-2343

Members' Services
Location: HB-1, The Capitol
Phone: 225-3644 Fax: 225-7147

Payroll Department
Location: 263 Cannon House Office Building
Phone: 225-6514 Fax: 225-59

General Information

The Office of Finance is responsible for the conduct of all financial management activities of the House of Representatives. The four functional divisions -- Accounting, Financial Counseling, Financial Oversight and Review, Payroll -- and the Budget Offices are the primary financial service organizations for Members, Committees, Leadership Offices and Officers of the House.

The Accounting Department summarizes and maintains all data relating to the financial operations of the House. The department also prepares and submits to appropriate governmental agencies various reports required by law. It is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of payments for all offices. The Accounting Department issues the Monthly Financial Statements and prepares the Statement of Disbursements (formerly called Report of the Clerk of the House) which is currently published quarterly. Financial counselors are available to assist Members, Leadership, Committees, Officers and Offices of the House with reconciling their expense accounts.

The Budget Office works with the Leadership, Committees, Officers, and Offices of the Chief Administrative Officer to prepare annual fiscal year appropriation requests, supporting documents, and testimony for Committee hearings.

The Financial Counseling Department provides advice to Leadership, Members, Committees, Officers and Offices of the House regarding their Official Expenses (including Members Representational Allowances) and processes vouchers for payments and reimbursements.

The Office of Financial Oversight and Review primarily provides, within the Chief Administrative Officer's organization, the structure and support to achieve and meet the annual requirements of the U.S. House of Representatives. They also conduct reviews and evaluations of the internal control elements directly related to the audit process.

Members’ Services is responsible for all activities relating to payroll and benefits for Members of Congress, and disbursement and accountability of these funds.

The Payroll Department is responsible for the administration of staff payroll for the House Leadership, Members, Committees, Officers and support offices in accordance with laws and House Rules and Regulations. The Payroll Department staff provides training and daily counseling to their office contacts on payroll requirements. They also ensure that employees are paid at appropriate salaries with accurate withholdings.

Rules & Regulations