Answers to those Frequently Asked Questions:

Q -- Who can use CATO services?

A. -- Anyone

Q. -- How do I obtain a copy of a ticket issued by CATO several months ago?

A. -- CATO retains copies of tickets for two (2) years. Copies may be obtained in our office, B-222 Longworth House Office Building.

Q. --When is the use of government fares permitted?

A --When the travel is considered official and the form of payment is either the government American Express card, any personal credit card, cash, or check when accompanied by an Official Travel Authorization (OTA), or a committee Government Transportation Request.

Q. --What is considered official travel?

A. -- Official travel must support the conduct of official and representational duties to the district. The Member now determines what travel is official. Official travel is eligible to use discounted government fares.

Q. -- What is an OTA and where do I get one?

A. -- An OTA is a government form (GPO:1995 94-032) listing the authorized travel itinerary and is signed by a Member of Congress. OTA forms may be obtained in the Finance Office, 141 Cannon House Office Building.