The Attending Physician's Office will have influenza vaccine available for Congressional Members and staff beginning on 20 September 1996. The cost for the vaccination this year is $4.00 and exact change is required.

Again this year, the immunization is recommended for individuals with health conditions such as heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, renal disease, diabetes, chronic anemia, severe asthma, and for smokers. The immunization is, also, generally recommended for persons over the age of 65. I strongly encourage all to receive the vaccine which in the past has proven to be more than 80% effective in preventing or making less severe the illness ccaused by influenza viruses.

Vaccines used in recent years have generally been associated with only a few minor reactions such as local redness and discomfort for 1 to 2 days at the site of injection.

WARNING: Individuals allergic to eggs should not receive influenza vaccines. Pregnant women should consult thier private physician for evaluation of thier needs for vaccination against influenza.

During the coming Autumn and Winter months there are 3 different types of influenza viruses predicted to cause illness. All of these types are contained in the vaccine that will be available for administration on 20 September 1996.