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Elevator Construction Divides Longworth Cafeteria

View of the cafeteria side of the wall.

View of the construction side of the wall.

As it cuts the room in less than half of its original space, the position of the wall greatly limits the amount of seating available in the Longworth Cafeteria. To offset this shortage of space, staff only will be admitted to the cafeteria during the peak hours of 12 to 2 PM. For now, the Rayburn Cafeteria may be your best choice when you are dining with visitors or guests. The site plan does allow for more space to be made available as construction permits.

The cafeteria's temporary wall where an inclined entrance leads to the center of the room. Check out how the large lamp now seems to dominate the small room.

The former entrance to the cafeteria, now walled off, prevents the use of two public telephones. The equipment seen on the floor is a dismantled lamp.

There will be a great deal of dismantling of the existing structure, much temporary construction, and then finally the permanent reconstruction and installation of new elevators to complete the overall design.

This phase of the project is called "electrical demolition."

This is a good example of the temporary construction necessary to create the shafts and entrances for the new elevators. Keep in touch to see the many phases required to actually install the six elevators.

Do you recognize the upper level in the back of the Longworth Cafeteria? Some of the furniture is not in storage, because it is hoped it will be needed soon, when additional dining space is made available.

The upper level is the future site where the
elevator doors will open. Six elevators will be installed along this wall.

Expanding the Longworth Carry Out

This former postal station now offers up its space to the popular Longworth Carry Out.
The first week in August should be enough
time for the new walls to dry and allow the two rooms to connect through this entrance.

The new entrance to the additional space
was cleverly disguised in the carry out
with Olympic posters covering the
temporary wall.

Expanding the Capitol Coffee Shop

Like the circular window already in the Capitol Coffee Shop, the area across the hall continues this architecture as it is developed for more dining space.

The room selected for the additional
dining area requires a great deal
of remodeling.

Structures like pipes and ducts and a dining area must be made to coexist as the new purpose for a room begins to take shape in the Capitol Building.

Large screen televisions were on display

in the Longworth and Rayburn Cafeterias during the Olympic Games.



Please return to this page in the future for updates on the construction of the elevators and other news about the construction relating to the house dining areas. Thank you for your patience during the limited seating in the Longworth Cafeteria.

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